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The Hilltop Cafe is a place where food and music-lovers gather to enjoy the sumptuous fare, the unique Hill Country ambiance and great Texas music.
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  • Live Music Friday and Saturday nights
  • SUNDAY Gospel Brunch:
    $10 cover charge per person

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Very Important Hill Top News

To all of our family of friends and patrons of Hill Top Café,

We have had an amazing run here up on the hill for the last 41 years. Through all the great food, music, friendships, and also the tough times and tragedies Hill Top has always been an oasis, both from a culinary and musical standpoint. While there have been many ups and downs in slowly but surely building Hill Top into a world-renowned establishment, we now face a threat that is beyond our control—something we can’t fix with hard work and creativity: the bureaucracy!

Yes, the TCEQ has raised it’s ugly head once again. As many of you know, our troubles with this bureaucratic agency started in 2015 when they attempted to take over our water system and force us to chlorinate our beautiful Edwards Aquifer spring water and then further degrade and squander this pristine resource by subjecting it to wasteful reverse osmosis. Why, you might ask? For no reason, whatsoever—we have NEVER had a problem in 41 years with our water or any other aspect of public health and safety.

In 2017, with your support and the efforts of state representative Kyle Biederman and his assistant Larry Bailey, we brokered a deal with the EPA regional office in Dallas and the Attorney General’s’s office. This was a common sense solution which included monthly testing and public notices. As a further gesture of good will and co-operation we installed a commercial UV filtration system as a safeguard. Again, all of this was done to mollify the TCEQ, not because there was ever any problem or issue with the water.

After this agreement and arrangement we co-existed with TCEQ peacefully and without event until, out of nowhere in the fall of last year(2021) we were served with a $250,000(not to exceed $1,000,000) lawsuit inspite of the arrangement we had in place. I have had to retain an attorney and Hill Top can ill afford this expense especially on the heels of the difficulties of the last two years that have had such a deleterious effect on all small businesses, Hill Top being no exception.

We ask you now to help us in any way you can, and here are several options:

  1. Donate to the Hill Top Café legal defense and survival fund. We need money if we are to continue to fight these bureaucrats and their unlimited resources. We will have a donation link set up on line shortly. In the meantime, feel free to drop off a check or mail a check to:

    Hill Top Cafe
    10661 North US Highway 87
    Doss, TX

  2. Call your local, state and federal representatives and voice your outrage and concern that your tax dollars are being used to harass and threaten Hill Top’s (and other small businesses’) existence for no practical or logical reason.
  3. Patronize Hill Top and come by and sign the new petition –spread the word to your friends and neighbors.

All the best, and please help us keep this beautiful Texas landmark alive.


Johnny Nicholas and the entire Hill Top family

PS: if any of you have questions or would like more info Please let me know and I’ll be glad to oblige.

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To our friends, family and patrons of Hill Top Cafe, we have set up a GoFundMe page to help with our Defense Fund for our on going water issue. If you would like to make a donation, please visit the GoFundMe page.

Read Johnny’s letter about the EPA eater issue here »

Make plans now for our next Hill Top event!